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● PewDsPie \ BlueBerryBush.

● Hey, bro :з
Mitt namn är BlueBerry.
This my blog and I'll upload more arts or my works. I'll hope that you like this !
Välkommen !
Just do this animation :D

Just do this animation :D


Finally ! I have got 1.000 followers !
Thank you, my bushes, very much and I love all of you.
I really don’t know: why do you love my arts and why do you follow me, but it is truly important for me. I want to do some video for you, guys, and show something interesting about drawing. So, please, waiting !



I watched how to train your dragon 2 today!!! Why didnt i watch it faster. Anyway have a doodle of httyd 2

Awww, amazing Hiccup ! 

So long time I was not drawing Cryaotic. Hope, that it will too nice for you, guys :з