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● PewDsPie \ BlueBerryBush.

● Hey, bro :з
Mitt namn är BlueBerry.
This my blog and I'll upload more arts or my works. I'll hope that you like this !
Välkommen !
Drew Cry with magic book :0

Drew Cry with magic book :0


Wow ! Thank all of you, guys. 

700+ subscribers o.o

I love all of you. Stay with me <3

skittlez-t asked: I just wanted to say those bookmarks are so cute! I was also wondering how you send them to people? ((Sorry if that's a stupid question))

It will be hard BUT I will do it for my customers and… I just use post, of course. I hope that people will get their requests <3 (i just buy a envelopes and sent bookmarks for people)

Thanks for question. It’s good quaere, I think. 

Gigantic thanks.

Thank you, PewDiePie, for your reblog c: My mail is torn from sending requests bookmarks.

Please, be the best and never forget that how many things would be of interest did not exist you will always be the most amazing man <3

All your bros love you. 

calypsocat97 asked: The bookmarks you made are sooooo cute!! :3 You don't have to send me one, I'm just leaving a little compliment. Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Thank you so much ! I don’t know how this idea come to me. But… it’s funny to make some things with PewDie and others and sent it for people c: 

caryls asked: youre probably gonna get a ton of mails because pewdiepie reblogged your thing but i want a bookmark

It’s true, dude :D 

Cute bookmarks with PewDiePie c:

If you want you can ask me and I could sent it for you. 

Castiel in roses. Though his skull. 

Castiel in roses. Though his skull. 

Let’s try. 

I really don’t know how it is works, but… I should try. 

lol, Jared. What happen with you. 

lol, Jared. What happen with you.